Likes, followers, views.... Why do we need them and why do people buy them?

And so let's start from the beginning. 🖊

We will try to keep the posts as short and useful as possible.

We will mainly talk about gray SMM, that is, about cheating, about the methods and benefits of this direction of promotion in social networks.

In short, we will post useful content, because (which is very strange) we did not find channels and publics around this topic.


Today we will talk about subscribers, likes and views.

Why are they needed and why do people buy them?

1. The basic principle is that people (potential target audience) who lands on your page (channel, etc.), seeing a large number (a reasonable number of subscribers, views, likes and comments in the balance) are immediately attracted and they have natural interest.

For example, you yourself have probably caught yourself more than once thinking that you click on those videos in YouTub search that have more views.

2. The second aspect is the algorithms of social networks. This means that social networks, especially new ones, readily pick up those posts and pages that have activity.

This item is now working well for TikTok, while due to the lack of users and content it will flood with traffic, that is, show in large quantities until it reaches, say, Instagram.

The only advice is to work as much as possible for the potential target audience in terms of attracting them using the numbers method. Where there are a lot of people there is interesting and useful content 😉

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